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Wedding vows. & a few more by Anthony Arnott

Amy:                   I spat on you by mistake then,
                            I’m sorry.

Anthony:            That’s alright, sweetheart.
                            If anyone was to spit on uz, I’d want it to be you!

Amy:                   Aw, you smoothie!

Anthony:            I know.
                           These wedding vows just write themselves, don’t they?

Edge Hill University.
Been thinking.

After a Degree,
a Masters
and a PGCE
(not to mention a year-long stint in the uni shop),

I wonder
of the new
buildings on campus
is going to be named after me.

His eyes,
makes the noise
for her,


Laughs back,
on her side.

Even, she flickers
into his eyes, dip of his hand.

Smile – tooth missing –
Half answer.


Onto the street,
the window
her thoughts.

The now.

Anthony Arnott lives in Jarrow, South Tyneside, and works as an English teacher. In April 2013, his collection, The Genius who drank all the milk, was released. This was the follow-up to his August 2011 debut, Behind Barcodes, both of which were published by erbacce-press. For two years, he was a Poetry Editor for the Black Market Review.

He writes poetry because nobody else knows what the leaves look like outside his bedroom window or how funny he actually is.