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On Teal Walls. by Chase Turner

A blind tariff
shines Papiamento tears
among the quiet quibbles
of faith, blue-white water
and small things.

See the ancestors on walls;
brass rubbings of historically
better times. Fines paid
for running stop signs,
then yield to matters
that have perplexed humble
men and green natured snakes alike.

For sakes alive wash your car,
sweep tidy your den, and make time
to better yourself in words and means.
Words and means.

Chase Turner completed undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Acadia University and Bristol University, respectively. As the 2008 Bristol University Arts and Media award winner for Best Prose, he has gone on to edit award winning books for the SP Turner Group in Beverly Hills, CA and is a published poet in three countries. Currently, Turner works as the Program Director for Pasadena YouthBuild, a high school program for at-risk youth.