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130 lede

Timelapse of ultraviolet images of Sun. by Kevin Sommerville

THE orb that now / as I / blisters belches / circling this ball / I it / on my own / spacehopper / that for / so long / has fed / and through / created / the arch-vegetable / in a vortex / of spore / burning / in every / eye / even the black eye / that agent / that kills / that word / that begat / equation all / sporous notion / just echo / the burning / emission. here to READ MORE

morphnacular xii.: Lacanian mutatis mutantis. by Joe Milford

i imagine you had a carwreck with god       i imagine
the houseplant is cosmic to you                    i imagine
you thought you wrote “Kubla Khan”         i xanadu
you walking away from a landslide you
caused in the planetarium                     trailer-parks in
hurricane lane never heard of you, i imagine
why complain of the tridents or avalanches?
you are a used-car salesman                 i indoctrine
you swimming through an Alabama graveyard
dontja dontja? the waboosh template
four bubbles just swam up my beer bottle