11 lede

Lovely by Candice Alaimo 

Under a cascade of dirty water, its head swiveled around several times, then dropped down, like a rag doll’s. Layers of vicious needle teeth grinned an empty smile at no one, the tiny cloth nose sewed inexpertly on, its eerily human eyes staring, glassy, lifeless. But one prick of its finger, and a black ooze would slowly drop out, like an invisible faucet, its viscosity making it move almost imperceptibly.
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Kundera Wrote a Czech by Johnny Masiulewicz

I know peanuts are not nuts. I know that a koala bear isn't really a bear, that despite the schoolyard admonitions you can't get lead poisoning from being poked by a lead pencil.

Help Wanted by Kendall Defoe

Wanted: Jewish preacher seeks twelve men for religious work with lepers, fallen women, Samaritans, the poor and possessed. Ability to fish, tend sheep and understand the tax codes an asset. Must reside in the Galilee area and be willingto travel. Education and income not important. No smokers please.

One by Julian Strachan

I know you think I'm crazy. Believe me, I get it. To be quite honest I believe it too. I've always been the different one, the rogue that always tried to subvert the group. I would plan out my day so I could enjoy the sight of ruining another beautiful one for everyone. In a way it put me in control. You never know when I'm going to strike. Until I do. Unless you're the “one.”

The Red Tide by Ian Moore

I knew the red tide would gradually creep in. That the lethargic lull of muddied waves would slowly collect the shoreline to take away with the season. That's when I noticed my aunt was disappearing. Each piece of her becoming a different color, each piece blending into the grey of city streets she wandered for days. Written like the outline of the tides, so it was in the timeline of her skin; gutters, cracks in the concrete, broken pores soaking up the run-off of liquor and heroin.

“After Witnessing a Middle-Aged Coke Party” by Michael Patrick McSweeney

Hours ago something drove aging
men & women to chase cocaine
as it scampered away
from the faded nostril
of a wrinkled dollar.