12 lede

Here's Judi! by Jolly King

HOLLYWOOD, California, circa 1960. Who wouldn't want their own radio show! OMG! I was stunned when Judi Doll got her big break. It was really exciting and bizarre all at once. Judi Doll, in her twenties, was a beauty. Mostly because of Dr. Sachs. Got rid of that honker for her when she was just fifteen. And, a bout with anorexia fixed the obesity.
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The Technology of Barbarism by Jorge Majfud

Uncle CaĆ­to was about thirty years old when they took him in 1972. They said that he had collaborated with some Tupamaro guerrillas who were running loose in the countryside where he worked.

Michael Patrick McSweeney's a cathedral

is what the mind and I first think
the sky resembles as we move
down a house-crowded urban hill,
some kind of holy/vaulted/orange ceiling.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? by Kendall Defoe

You know the song, and he doesn't have to say anything to anyone now, not in a student-to-teacher tone nor an over-laugh for a joke so stupid his friends had to laugh. He had to laugh. He was swinging his arms side by side and in his own happiness.