23 lede

“The Art of Preservation”
by Cheryl Spinner

he children of Mann,
bare bodied and smug,
lie trapped inside a glossy print.
The oldest, a boy
stands in the center,
a sliver of a waistband peaks out.
He’s covered down there,
but that doesn’t really matter
because the photograph
is so focused on his gangly torso

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As if a waivering quiver, of shimmered Toyota Corollas_
, online and and offsided {CACHED]
paying an obligatory visit to the kfc
bulking up on fried chicken…/ getting into it

Questions #5 by Kendall Defoe

“Do you still love me?”

“Oh, do you have to ask?”


Fringe Benefits by Gabriella Garofalo [I]

The Government stopped by the other day. No knock. No warrant. Said something about it all being a “standard residential counter-measure” and proceeded in all due haste to remove all the fringes from my chair, sofa, curtains and dog’s personal vacation tote. They literally infringed upon my right to exist in my own home as I see fit…disturbing no one…enjoying my time and my day with my dogs and some hastily assembled, yet quite tasty cheese snacks.