28 lede

The Squire's Debate by P.L. Ernix

A rotund miller and a young squire were perched upon a soft bench surrounded by other locals, engaged in an eventful conversation regarding the deposition of king and court by peasants and townsfolk in the face of hastened deterioration of living conditions.
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“Scenes no. 1” by Lee Brooks

1. A small thing peering among, Chihuly in the field - do you hear? A so-solemn megaopening, there where it can be seen by the sunflowers, if you saw them
At four and five and six o' clock

Synthy Fists by S. Howard Monterey

Synthy Fists of Love and Joy are flying from the sky toward the sheep, as the poor woolen beasts run along the outskirts of the pasture. The flights of fancy that perpetrate such desires are common in this neck of the agrarian landscape that surrounds the small town of Landlocked. The sheep dogs have since run off to get their master.

Justice by Edward Armstrong

They had welcomed me in so openly at first, until of course the news of my mischievous behaviour followed me to my new home of Japan. Emperor Aeguji was distraught with confusion and indignation with the complex decision involving his next move. To save myself I quickly reminded him of our binding contract; he had given me his word and would not be hasty to break it. He could not hand me over; he had promised protection for me in his land. I remember he called me in to his palace tea room and demanded I recite the things I had felt and events that occurred before we spoke, as he clearly knew the events following. So I began: