“I Don’t Wanna Get Married” by Jonas Kyle-Sidell

Who thought of this gauntlet? Feel the hot

But I’d marry you, tomorrow, in Atlantic City, ‘cause then

sun come down on me, mark every satellite

we could go backwards and get to know each other

with a “maybe.” Cook for you, keep the faith,

past the point of no return, like real people, in real life.

ride the bus with you – if we do, let’s do so

We’ve all just found ourselves here. . . but wouldn’t it be fun

immediately, so the pretense

to play house, form a contentious agreement              with

is inverted, and it’s funny! drape you in disaster

the first person the right lips and hair on the street, eyes

then undress you according to code, love, indefinitely.

like time machines? Be doomed from the get. Now we could live.   

Jonas has had poems published in the L.A. Review, Gargoyle, Pearl, Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, Main Street Rag, The Melancholy Dane, Paradigm, Welter, and Smile Hon! You're in Baltimore. He is currently an adjunct english teacher at the Community College of Baltimore County. He's got more where this came from.