“The Future” by Jonas Kyle-Sidell

There’s no price

            I’ve broken
        through every glass door, punched

                        on change,



            hollow moment,

                        for the unexpected –

            squeezed                         each

if it was, it would be:

            forgotten fruit,

for somethin’ new. . . the beat
of sanity – stolen!
(in this world) not given –

            over and over again

gimme one afternoon
with a beautiful woman
to make me stop touching my head.

Jonas has had poems published in the L.A. Review, Gargoyle, Pearl, Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, Main Street Rag, The Melancholy Dane, Paradigm, Welter, and Smile Hon! You're in Baltimore. He is currently an adjunct English teacher at the Community College of Baltimore County. He's got more where this came from.