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51 lede

If You Go Rooting (or Fare Thee Well, Ned) by Clayton Lister

NOT unreasonably, I believe, I’d thought that if I had an ally at Wallops Roost it was my mother. But having so violently expressed her feelings about my friendship with Julie Allinson, it now seemed she wanted as little to do with her first-born as maternally possible. Guilt played some part — I’ll credit her with that much conscience — though knowing Mother, self-pity the greater. here to READ MORE

“The Future” by Jonas Kyle-Sidell

There’s no price

            I’ve broken
        through every glass door, punched

                        on change,



            hollow moment,

                        for the unexpected –

            squeezed                         each

if it was, it would be:

            forgotten fruit,

“baby on the dotted line” by Sean Schemelia

                      is got me wannawork is
                      is gonenanners praying to UNKLE SAM for
tenmore bucks, or a pack of smokes

  (some THING to do tonite where
 else is here)