“aurangabad” by Troy Baillargeon

--existentialist. existentialist! nihilist!
--call him an existentialist.
--hey, man get in here.

so i did. --are you alright, man? you are definitely not being normal.
--I think I'm just sober. my bad.
--what are you thinking about?
--quite literally nothing.
--what do you mean?
--I don't know.

melodramaticus maximus asking us what what we did to get you up on yr feet and go with felis. --where did you go? --I don't know.

writes dribble loud musical scratching on realcray, scratching on. digs for the cure to purity. luring exclusively me cos I invented him. I invented myself, even. smokes to a glutton's fill like why, why. next day was an apology was a remember when you let me ash on you? said only if i burnt skin so I did and I was acquiescent I was just acquiescent. moonsong like polar bits bit off by that bitch with the snaggletooth. she was a live one, arguably. some times she'd get her epilepsy on realmal, like realmal.

ganesh lord of beginnings and obstacles don't fuck with yr squabbles, girls. (s)he's the photon laser comes of storm comes of purity in flames. real likable fire. real realcray hiding under the deck from the heat. under the woodeck. hoot.