73 lede

Some Ideas for Movies. by editors

KIDNAPPED. A child is kidnapped and held for ten-thousand dollars ransom. When the kidnapper meets the child's parents to collect the money, he is arrested by the police.
Lottery. Five people from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds win the lottery. They all do something unwise and selfish with the money.
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“Unrestricted Headspace” by Clayton Woolery

  a muse   moved through me
     and i ignored    the muse inside
it was no muse of Jeremiah,    nor of fire
  so the heavens of invention become the greenhouse effect

summer's been the red wasp whipped around crazy horrorshow fast
by defeated fan blades rocking shameful
it has skittered on cottage cheese ceiling
and careened past over-my-head tugging frightened eyes on reins

summer's been a chaos of wasps stinging at the same skin
as epinephrine pens inject reverse allergic strawberries
natural sugar naturally killing the pubescent loves of past summer

Domestic by Nick Mwaluko

Jane—a Thai woman who cleans and cooks for Tom—woke up drunk, cursing, decided Time for Barbeque so she put the puppy on the grill. The roommate upstairs cracked open his window, “What’s that awful smell?!” Jane—angry, laughing—“Burnt puppy.” “Are you insane, Jane?!” the roommate yells. Insane. Jane.

She heads upstairs. The roommate hides in the bathroom, door locked. Jane has a history of stabbing doors. Jane knocks, Jane pounds, Jane exits. The roommate calls the cops who never show up, not to our neighborhood. No 911. The puppy is sizzling. The roommate is screaming. The puppy is screaming. How come Jane is laughing? She stabbed the roommate’s car door—destroyed, damaged—HAHAHA—abused—HAHAHA—like Jane

“aurangabad” by Sean Schemelia

--existentialist. existentialist! nihilist!
--call him an existentialist.
--hey, man get in here.

so i did. --are you alright, man? you are definitely not being normal.
--I think I'm just sober. my bad.
--what are you thinking about?
--quite literally nothing.
--what do you mean?
--I don't know.