Incident Recap, in Detached Report by Kyle Sundby

Shelly is bound and tied.

Douglas was earlier spotted naked, he may have been killed and he may be responsible for the death of another. The situation is unclear; further reports are necessary.

The William Wenzel is in dire need of repairs.

My heart is broken, but I remain operational.

Semi-permeable membranes are now more permeable than not.


There is some time remaining now: it will be used for more reports and sit-reps. The water is colder than we could have believed. Its surface is rough and difficult to keep below us. Pen and paper are currently less than optimal report-creating devices. But when facing death, or, when facing the end of life, time passes slowly. Time enough to examine the recent past and provide details:

The William Wenzel was still tethered to the marina’s docks.

My girlfriend wasn’t at our apartment when I came home from work but I thought I knew where she could be found.

Even with pores and orifices, skin and flesh do a remarkable job retaining fluids.

Once, the William Wenzel was a pleasure craft. Now it is not pleased at all. Then, only two people shared the spaces below deck. That the makeup and combination of the two people was not constant was only later discovered and evidently not a factor affecting the resulting levels of ecstasy produced. But that discovery brought us all here. It put us all in this report.

During the discovery, Shelly was neither bound nor tied. She was restrained by Douglas, who was naked, as earlier reported. Shelly was not struggling or offering resistance at all.

This second entry begins not long after the first. The water line is more than two feet below the surface and time for a third entry is doubtful. This should not create concern, as there will be little left to report.

Shelly moves less, and slower when she does.

Douglas has not been seen again.

The William Wenzel, despite its condition, remains a good boat.

My life is coming to a close. I survived the stab in the back from Douglas and the wounding of the soul by Shelly but will not escape my own rage and sadness, or the deck of the William Wenzel.

Blood runs from incisions on my wrists and soaks into the indoor/outdoor carpeting that lines the aft deck. I leak out while the William Wenzel leaks in. Together, we hold back nothing.

This report will be sealed in the Igloo cooler and jettisoned in the final moments. It will help investigators determine the actions, consequences, and locations of Shelly, Douglas, myself, and the William Wenzel.

I will conclude before I am too weak or confused. The water has risen along the William Wenzel. The William Wenzel may have stooped to the water’s depth instead. It is above Shelly, who is still bound and tied. She is again with Douglas, and I again will soon interrupt them. I am signing off.

@kylesundby, a copywriter living in Vancouver, Washington, is going to keep this short because, damnit, we're running out of time.