82 lede

Incident Recap, in Detached Report by Kyle Sundby

SHELLY is bound and tied. Douglas was earlier spotted naked, he may have been killed and he may be responsible for the death of another. The situation is unclear; further reports are necessary. The William Wenzel is in dire need of repairs.
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“Twelfth sacrifice the mermaid sea(epilogue)” by Vinca Andre

As the eldest son
hounds with his tongue

forbidden tails hanging
by the sides


Fate's Malicious Militant, Cupid. by Canaan Massie

Long days seem so much longer,
Distance does not make the heart grow fonder.
Having conquered the empire of my subconscious,
Your crusade so short,
Yet I hope your reign continues for eons.


        is cometemps any frontend,
corporate associate needsresponceno? no
is come the techno lololology to extend
word to anycat stuck in what winterproof
told web. poor fucks can't even breathe in there,
wager.? he what fuh ka tup the couch up, yeah?
yeah; see he's talking up one nuclearetail.
See? mhmm. je vois.


Today, in Midtown Manhattan, a horrific seventy-five car accident claimed the lives of fifteen cab drivers, twelve truck drivers, ten commercial motorists, nine bike messengers, seven bike commuters, four employees of the department of motor vehicles, four real estate agents, three census takers, two government clerks, two postdoctoral students of sociology: one from NYU, another from Columbia; two professional stage mothers, two belligerent homeless drunks previously convicted of public intoxication and lewd conduct, and one principal of a public elementary school, all of whom suffered ludicrously grotesque unspeakably grisly and interminably slow painful deaths. In sadder news, a beloved ninety-seven year old father, grandfather and great-grandfather, died peacefully in the arms of his children.

Questions #7 by Kendall Defoe

“Who’s next?”

“Me, sir.”

“Good. You have all the forms?”

“Yes. All complete.”

“Okay. Let me see… Right, so it is not a machine or…?”

“No, no. Just some written work to protect.”

“Okay, I see. May I ask about the application of your work?”

“I am not sure I understand.”