44 lede

Vincent Duvell by Thomas Giddins

VINCENT DUVELL JR was an odd soul who, at the unexceptional age of forty-three, still occupied the top floor of his quite exceptionally aged ninety-nine-year-old mothers house on Monkeyspinach Road in Walthamstow, east London. Their rickety dwelling played host to a gentle toing and froing of life.
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The Thing That I Do by Gareth Brierley

When I was four I first showed my mum the thing I could do and she went white then left the room. Nothing was said about what I did and after that my mum never spent any more time alone with me. I wasn’t allowed near spoons again.

by Troy Baillargeon

bawl on, brown mama.  teach me
teach me bad things, whatlike mercury
drops in a pint of lager.  whatlikewhatlike
children been dropped on their heads.
our schools are better than this.  redwood
canteens full up of vinegar, them