47 lede

He lends her his comb
by Michael J Pagan

He loved—or so he thought—the idea of it; thinking: how young was I when I first learned how to hide? As she leaned—preferring always to kneel upside-down, or right-side up depending on whose perspective was right at that particular moment—both her knees just above the crown of his head, both hands cleft by the breadth of his bare abdomen, as her hair dripped over him.
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 a prose triptych by Raymond Gibson

How to Dress a Rabbit by Clayton Lister

As I recall, before packing, we had warning sufficient, just, to eat a light breakfast. My younger brother Jake and I were lucky enough boys, so Mother put it, to be visiting our Granny Wallop. A holiday, she called it. I had concerns from the off, she never before having used Granny Wallop’s name in any but a cautionary context. Typically, ‘Ee, tha’d not be so swaimish, wi’ thi Granny Wallop rearin’ thee.’

“what for what's own sake alone along a leather loway”
by Troy Baillargeon

so on and on and
indecadent bloom
undecorated splendor                           BUD!
and the stranger side
of being high                                        (silence from the pulpit.
in SCIENCE DEFIANCE, gabe's church organ was known to
command fire.  for my I did my part with e
lectric arms; was known to make an old friend suck his teeth and
roll his eyes. a lot sad I did my self there.)       (cock)