127 lede

Flammable by Lilly Lin

IT was a foreign wood she had never seen before. She rubbed it against herself to get a feel for its texture, its splinters peeling against the thin layer of her clothes. She held a lighter to its rough surface and a small flame appeared, and disappeared.
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Shush #4 & #6 by Sarah Edwards

Year 6 is never as hard as year 9
it is when I realized I was holding in pee
and the spouting waxy rub
that carries the aura of a rock
you pushed it in
but in the remote
so it doesn’t spring up
or the hollow gap doesn’t falter.
I never knew
the bondage of clean hands
was a misconception
of a gullible gray matter.
So the warm fluid that ran down my leg
was another failure before my 10th year.

Two Poems by Abraheem Dittu

...the first of which is called Talk to me.
Running away builds character
Get out of here
You’re in an emotional state and I can’t even listen to you right now
Get yourself a pet
I had a fish
I was trying to remember the guy who played Tron
In the movie Tron
He even hates lasagna
Your honor I might suggest a spanking
Bruce Loxneiter
Stephanie you should have told me about the divorce

“untitled” by Troy Baillargeon

                      mucus veined Me;

           Penny was in the parlor counting time on her groundhog wrist skinwatch. i was riding a sick horse all serpentine long the patomac. clouds choking on glass last i saw of them. i haven’t looked up in hours. there were hooks through my ribs (ground so Laughing! fun time yes?) down sur le monde. ever y thing am ic ab ly terr ib le.

           the furnace—too!—was digesting itself hungry. i felt cuckold in my own skin. heard mention of mentioned talk. (DO TELL, PRAY LADY DAY!) the dimensions began to shrink. all these Snakes in my Hello, the smell of gel and i didn’t know the place.
i never knew the place.