172 lede

John's Bride by Alice Ash

I am Toni. I am a good wife and woman with skills in cooking and cleaning and in sensuality. This is my story of the broken heart.
We were married on a Tuesday, when John was in full health and the sky was murky, white and pink, like the soft belly of a speckled rodent.
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Caveman Theatre. by Charlotte Ozment

Scapish hollows
prying, waiting, and
elementary math
the devil's calling.

Caroling Fair Damsel. by Eterigho Oghenekome Humphrey

When I sipped lungful amid a prayer-house
Having drunk wine of caroling fair damsel
I heard a tongue-talker speak from a pulpit:
“We fruits of Eve are fowls with one wing
Else wing-of-the-Spirit is woken by spurs

Ghost Child by Berendsje Westra

The sky glows grey and night clouds drift high over Femi’s head, allowing her a sliver of moonlight. The air is dry and warmth rises from the soil, but occasionally a gust of chilly wind will wrap itself around her emaciated body causing goose bumps to set on her nakedness.

Midnight yearning. by Ankita Anand

Your body
Middle-of-the-night Maggi*

Soft warm noodles-comfort food
Has me soothed

And yet not full.

So I am always left feeling
I could've done with more keeling–
Pea flowers and joined palms