Dreaming Incalescence. by Rebecca Pickles, but first...


the sun set
shimmering pinks and golds
across the landscape
imprinting warmth and longing
on all who saw
turning the weather off
in their brains
slowed down to stop.
a still
deep breath in
exhale through pursed lips
eyes closed
a meditation

Dreaming Incalescence.
Last night I slept all the way across the bed
weaving in and out of the duvet
like a fine thread
travelling through dreams as well as space
desiring a cooler night in which to find peace
and settle in one place.

Rebecca Pickles is a Stockport based writer, educator, and vocalist whose poetic interest lies in humour, narrative, characterisation, and observation through which she explores mental health, motherhood, society, and relationships. She is working on her first collection, comprising of ideas developed through her daily poems, which can be found via Instagram: poetrypickles and Twitter: poetrypickles.