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Danube vs. Vienna
by PaweĊ‚ Markiewicz

ONE DAY, in the dreamy Middle Ages, three young friends lived in Moravia: a thinker, a poet and a dreamer. They loved every dawn. They had decided to visit Vienna, to buy jewelry there. They liked furthermore a gold of a starlit heaven. They passed the Danube River and a miracle happened. The miracles came often true at tender thoughts.
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Two by Pamela GEMME

Trauma # 32
Trauma is that knot in my body
a second heartbeat
a secret frequency
Oh God Oh God
he threatens to kill me

The Peshaman Fragments by Greg Sendi

Following the highly publicized disappearance of Elias Peshaman late last year, this unfinished manuscript was found among a small number of cloud files authorities reviewed for possible information related to his whereabouts.

Dreaming Incalescence. by Rebecca Pickles, but first...


the sun set
shimmering pinks and golds
across the landscape
imprinting warmth and longing
on all who saw
turning the weather off
in their brains
slowed down to stop.

4 Poems by Will Stanier

Lightning is a terrible spaghetti
aiming at my baby face.

Lightning wants to raze the fuzz
from my lip
and distribute chore wheels
to all my neighbors.

The true, the false and the strange. by Sophia Murray + 1 more

After Lewis Buxton
  1. True. I feel scared. I’m scared of everything I do and if each thing I touch will die on me. I never realised being this old meant I would only have to answer to me. I don’t trust me.

Cookie Cake. by James Croal Jackson

I cut cookie cake with plastic butterknife
a birthday my age is showing not my celebration
in the office a long way to the center I repeatedly

say I slice some New York pizza I shape
a biscotti I am the awkward focal point