78 lede

Wave to Burning Homes, Stop and Stare by Eric Fershtman

THE OLD MAN John, all gone dead and buried, and here me shouting the unanswered into mirrors, windows, sunglasses, puddles of fetid water. It’s not polite to leave a person like that, I shout. Not cool or forgivable. Still too much cartilaginous and fibrous selves to explain. Nothing left to me, all I do is shout.
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Rules for Writer [sic]. by editors

1) Have your computer's wireless radio turned off while working: good writing is never researched in any way.

2) Don't use a long word where a short word will do: in fact, don't even use a long word where the only alternative would be an incoherent string of transliterated monosyllabic grunts.

3) Don't feel constrained by prescriptive grammar: for example, if you intentionally use adjectives in place of adverbs, people will think you're really talented because writers like Henry Green, Dylan Thomas and Ernest Hemingway relied heavily on the convention.

Three Collaborative Poems
Evonne Acevedo Johnson

Bev Harp

I come from
the edges of the property
dog-eared, odd

Usually these discarded
patrol separate rooms

the invoice explaining
she’s seen something
in the back of my car