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A Meaningful Person. by editors

JONATHAN Safran Foer awoke one morning with the acute sense of not being a meaningful person. “I feel castigated,” he said to himself. “And meaningless.” He sat up in bed, and looked around him. At his bookshelf, full of books, books full of words: meaningful words meaning specific things. “How can I become meaningful, again?”
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Stone Desert. (Großstadt.) by Karl Farr

Where people live
under rocks,
like ants.  

Nightreveller -
glowing like glowworms
All ready.  

like animals
drove not far.
In der die Menschen wie
unter Felsstücken leben,
Ameisen gleich.

Nachtschwärmer –
wie Glühwürmchen glimmen
all zeit bereit.

Autos –
wie Raubtiere herum schleichend
fahren nicht weit.

ו , ז , ח by Cheryl Spinner

ו: There was a famine in the town. Raizel went to Ben-Yeti and inquired if it would be permissible to eat one’s paper and ink since that was all there was left. “Why, of course,” he answered, “Do what you must.”

“hurricane season” by Michael Patrick McSweeney

water lashes at the windows
like fingers desperate for continuous stability
while our house shivers we grip music players,
tap screens to bring us voices,
spill emergency wine on our jeans
& guess if the sun has gone down.