81 lede

03/04 by Daniel Allen

I SET the paper down on the table to think, but my head is ringing. The buzz of the air conditioner... was it yesterday that it broke? I can't remember. Maybe today. I look back to the paper, but my head's too full, so I chug some water. When I die, they'll say “at least he drank water.” I want to go camping. Tomorrow is the fifth, I know that much, but I can't stop the ringing in my head.
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Two by J. Bradley


I bottle the sweat snaking
down your bangs, inhale
the ether of your neck.

Dead Prez runs up on them crackers in they city hall. by editors

stic.man runs up on and slaps Councilmember Arroyo of the 17th district of Bronx County.

Take that, you cracker!!

Cracker? I'm not a.. cracker..

stic.man furrows his brow.

Wh-.. I ain't got time for frontin', man; sensitive thugs, y'all all need hugs.. Ninety-Three until infinity, kill all that wack shit.. Muh triple beam dreamers!!

What did you say?