13 lede

hell no she said i dont want to touch her i dont believe in that, now you listen to me Sylvia shes just a kid you gotta do this i wont be able to handle it if something bad happens to her! Sylvia drops to her knees crying you can feel the depth of her grief her hidden guilt for children knowing she has the touch ah the touch it goes back.
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Beep by Kendall Defoe

Hi, I’m just calling to confirm your appointment for the 21st. Please call Dr. _____________ back at the earliest. Thank you.

The Love Swarm by Tim Schumacher

I could have laid my head against real silk, and not known the difference; her dark chocolate hair splashed over my pillows, over my mattress, and through its thickness crawled another bloated centipede. Though I hoped it to be an errant, confused individual broken by chance from its mother swarm, I knew the wrongness of that hope as well as I knew the intentions of the nine inch demon skittering past her ear. Dozens of spindly appendages pushed and pulled in unison to move it; fatty prosperity weighed down by an outer carapace made his advance painfully slow. “Not again,” I thought.

"Sonar" ............................... by hi(y)per-b===z%-7

Shyster Montmorency surges forward (kinetic energy rumbling at k-2 + noot)
Go u fuck-happy nana – give us ur blinding mathematics until we-r well & truly fukd

Asymmetrical We by Nick Mwaluko

Twist the doorknob, walk into the house and it’s,

“I’m holding a letter that says my daughter wants a sex change operation into a man. That true?”

“Looking Back, We Were No Different” by Michael Patrick McSweeney

We watch and breathe with freshman lungs
the lingering exhalations of cigarette ends
as we shiver at the edge of a mansion.