70 lede

Flesh and Blood by Magen Cubed

Hannes was a butcher with tiger stripes on his arms, kept under his cuffs and sleeves in quiet reflection, scored out healed over and scored again. He enjoyed the practice for the same reason he butchered animals, for the blood. Blood was the end result of his blade slicing through flesh and raw animal alike.
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“S & M” by Alex Nodopaka

Now I'll have
that woman
for zakuskis/hors d'oeuvres
before my meal-times

Three Poems by Danny P. Barbare

Grocery Shopping


“Geronimo” by Cheryl Spinner

Now listen here, Geronimo,
Get that sister of yours out of her room
But, please, whatever you do
Don’t buy her an Ice cream cone.

esculent (adjective: fit to be eaten; edible) by Caleb Andrew Ward

            Completely engulfed in yesterday’s leftovers, I realized my wife was not in the least bit sweaty after her return from the gym. I'd been considering leaving my wife, I believed she'd cheated on me. Twice. She continually left for the gym, but never returned with differed muscle mass; her body had become a shapeless blob of doubt in my abilities to perform as a husband. I believe she has begun an affair with her instructor, Hans. Hans, the bastard from Beirut.