88 lede

Detailed Report & Memoir: (Scrying Attempt).
by Shane Jesse Christmass

 In the 1900s, optical fibres became a medium for telecommunications; these fibre lines were strands of glass that carried gravity, and were involved in attempts to produce a unified field theory; a theory that explained the three fundamental forces: gravity, electromagnetism, and the strength of weight under gravity.
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Sonnets by Bruce McRae

1/3. Wonderful Moonlight

The effect of moonshine on water,
like cries of a wood owl or cigar smoke;
like a cushion being primped
or cat treading in new snowfall.

The water wears the face of the moon.
The moon drinks the water, bathes in it,
swims among its milky currents.

It’s enough to make a fox laugh,
moonlight skimming along a surface;
like an ice-skater on a frozen canal
or a cold blade being dragged
through the warm ashes of human remains.

Like a virgin’s skirt being lifted,
as she weeps, high over her head.

Batman vs. Wolverine by Shane Langnes

Three years of planning, one reconstructive surgery, and a mutated warlord left Batman with one hell of a grudge. The man only known as Wolverine had certainly done a number on the dark knight, when he showed up with evidence that a five man heist that had gone wrong in Gotham had ties to him. His perfect plan, unraveled by a simple receipt.