138 lede

The Riddle by Dan Morey

The Professor led the students into the campus glen where two janitors were having a picnic lunch with two nude girls (teaching assistants). Through the engineering building where one student was lost, squealing, in a turbine. Over a freeway where another student was lost, squealing, beneath the tires of a Volvo.
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No. 138 20150308

POEM & STORY by Jeremy Stewart ... poem: “When Hamburger Speaks”

When hamburger speaks, most are deaf
to the squelch and suck as other bodies
traverse their own. Prices
fluctuate but not enough to translate
into any real difference.

The Lovely Machine. by GJ Hart

You sloppy, dumb slut
A digital note fattened and broke, splashing down on the pavement.

The machine mounted the kerb hard, its plasti-conk juddering

He giggled. Leg bouncing on heel.
You stinky bitch.

Mike O'Shaughnessy 's THREE POEMS

First. “Boiled Eggs”

we boiled eggs in the inflatable pool
and fried bacon on the patio.
they say global warming is a myth
but in my neighborhood
every bird's a phoenix
and every tabby's
burning bright.