32 lede

Cravings by Claudia Cruttwell 

Maia put Francesca to bed early, dismissed the housekeeper for the night and laid out her tools in the bedroom for a luxury pedicure. Giuseppe was away on business so she had the whole bed to herself and plenty of time to clear up afterwards. First she trimmed her toe nails, remembering how as a child in Italy she would scoop the dirt out from under her nails and eat it.
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My life in the year 2040 by Matthew Harris

I celebrated my eighty first birthday this past January thirteenth!

Just nineteen more journeys for the big bright wheel in the sky to turn before this curmudgeon reaches the centennial milestone!

Rumor circulates that the first hundred years is the most difficult!

“What a Spectacle” by Cheryl Spinner

My glasses are dirty, you know.
I said listen, I know very well how dirty they’ve gotten.
Don’t tell me. I know.