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From the Desk of Theron L. Pritchet, M.D., Ph.D.

WHAT follows are several excerpts of letters written by and interviews conducted with members of the DeGiacomo family. I am currently assessing their states of mind as an expert witness for an upcoming trial against Benjamin Roosevelt DeGiacomo. These are portions of the meetings and writings I have so far found most valuable.
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Young Hero by Shane Langnes

With his butler gone and his alien past revealed, the boy is sent to an orphanage where he discovers his powers. The ability to see the next morning is one of the first powers which, after a few late night predictions, compels the corrupt owners of the Orphanage to attempt to exploit him for profit. Their hopes are dashed when they discover that he can only predict what happens the next morning if the weather is perfect; in all other cases the predictions are incorrect. Infuriated, the orphanage supervisor beats him, causing his next power to emerge: the ability to sneak away silently during a full moon.