LabedzDave  Little Victories
Lake, AllanUnreal Estate.
Lando, Lars2 Poems
Langnes, Shane — Young HeroThings that have flown out of the book.Batman vs. Wolverine
Laplante, Cody JohnMax & the Infernal Orchestra of Buzzings
Larrow, Autumn  Torn
Lawrence, Gabrielle[Portrait of a black man]
Lawrence, M.  "Mostly Dead Idols Haunting"
Leatherman, Lauren  Those Things
LeBlanc, Curtis  Lightning Goes to Touch the Ground
Ledford, AlexThe Infant in the Rushes.4 Poems
Lee, Edward3 PoemsMid-Life Erasure
Lee, JamalBurbank Academy 1960
Leigh, Allyson  Important News
Lee, NicoleGaer Hill.
Leonard, JensonAdjacent Species Like You.
Levinson, Hellerwith
Lew, Joeymemory palace.The Me of Me.
Lewington, KatieSlow Clap.
Lewis, ShannonInside the Next Day
Lewis, Rachel Charlene“not over it”
Lightbown, StephenRelease.
Lin, LeftyDreams
Lin, LillyFlammable
Lindberg, BrooksNourish the Beast:
Lister, Clayton  Cross-BredHow to Dress a Rabbit • See How the Chickens Run • As Well a Panther As a Besom • Parsnip Pop, It's Good for You • If You Go Rooting (or Fare Thee Well, Ned)
Loftus, Jamie  Katherine Cricket and the Loquacious Vase
Longworth, Floyd“...you don't tug on Superman's cape / you don't spit into the wind...”
Loughrey, H. D.Billy Sees Red
Lowe, RobertChristmases Past.
Lower, Janetta R.Shadow Dancer
Loyd, PhilipRock N Roll Universe
Loydell, Rupert M4 Poems
Lu, Mileyklara.
Lucarelli, JasonI Don't Let It Bother Me
Lucey, Blaise  Destination Inc. • The Cruise

Luman, DouglasTyphoid Party.

MacDougall, Celia In the winter you woke early to watch the walkers in the snow slow and sombre past your window.
MacGabhann, Tim2 Poems
Magno, EmanuelFormic Jazz
Magoon, Mark“About an Artist”
Mahmood, Selinathe distillation of duality.2 Poems
Majfud, Jorge — The Technology of Barbarism  The Walled Society
Malinowski, KimLove in Green.
Manfredino, Carla-Rosa2 PoemsOn the pier.
Manifold, Victoria The Bird Conundrum
Maolalai, DSThe rollercoaster.
Marano, Mike  A Bird in the Hand
March III, Charles J.Miss Mangelli’s Antennaed Pest Problem Miss Mangelli’s Antennaed Pest Problem
Markiewicz, PawełDanube vs. Vienna
Marquez, Carla Sirens
Martin, AnthonySunspots on a Calendar Week
Martin, JasonAfter the Storm
Martin, Spencer R. The Scar in the Setting
Mauro, Alison RaeHorn of Plenty
Masiulewicz, Johnny  Kundera Wrote a Czech
Massie, Canaan — Fate's Malicious Militant, Cupid.
Matthews, Ben R.  Moon Baby
Mayer, E.A.  A Place on the Wall
Mazzarella, Chuck  Culinary Coup at Le Monde or A Chef’s Worst Nightmare

McCandlish, Georgia  When Things Fall Apart and Come Back Together OR: If I Knew What It Was to Live After the Seas Flooded Manhattan • The Days After the Train Hit You
McCann, AoibheannWhen We Were Seahorses
McCartney, ChrisLast Call for Buzz Nettle
McGough, RobertStilton’s Crossroads
McGuire, ColinPeriodic Table.
McIntyre Cogdell, Jean  Moonshine and Epsom Salt
McKenna, MartyThree
McKernan, JohnI Ate.
McNab, IanKilling Lizards
McNerney, JoanA Clerical Poetry BiptychA Service Industrial Poetry Biptych
McPhee-Browne, LauraThe Change Jar
Mc Quown, Mark Shariing
McRae, Bruce Sonnets
Meadows, ChadThe Problem with Odam SchwedaRubber Cement
Medrano, KastaliaNow That I Have Twitter Followers
Mehri, MomtazaWho Needs Tinder When You Have a Muslim Registry?
Mellin, J.R. — We’re here (humanity in general / you and I in particular)
Menard, Tanneractinic ray.
Mertens, JacobAbandoned House

Michaelson, SallyAir-Raid.2 PoemsLeeds to Bournemouth.
Milazzo, Joe#93 (A selection from "homeopathy for the singularity")
Milford, Joemorphnacular xii.: Lacanian mutatis mutantis.
Mischler, WyattPhoto.
Mitchell, JDAct 1 of “That Football Story, or: The Tragedy of Mack Bethlehem”
Mondal, Sonnet4 Poems
Monterey, S. Howard  Synthy Fists
Moody, JohnMarmalade sausages
Moon, Lauren1/30/14 - 1/31/14
Moorad, Adam  Grünerløkka
Moore, Ian  A Daring Pilot • The Red Tide • It's Almost Like a Vacuum
Moretsele, Amy2 Poems4 Poems2 Poems
Morey, DanThe Riddle
Morlock, Kaley  newsworthy • conquering bolinas • california's secret [bolinas]okay, let's move to mexicono you can't; yes i can

Morse, Cameron2 Poems 2 Poems
Moss, CassandraThere Was No Normandy
Mudrick, RossGrateful for the Distracting Noise
Mukumbi, Vernon5 Poems
Mundt, ThomasThe Essayist
Munson, James  See It All for More of What It Is
Murphy, Christina  "A History of Deception"
Murphy, MichaelDay Three of Happiness
Murphy, Sheila E.Excerpt from Ghazals for 2023
Murray, Sophia2 Poems2 Poems
Mwaluko, Nick Asymmetrical We
Str8, No ChaserKingDomesticMwena-Mweni (Awino's Monologue)
A Love Letter to Andre Lancaster from Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko
Mwanaka, Tendai R.1-9

Naghten Shanks, Michael5 PoemsSW19
Naik, PitambarAn Elegy for the Gopalpur Beach.
Nardolilli, Ben  Chaplinesque
Neadom, Charlesun-
Nealon, GosiaBefore Christmas
Neer, LuisAt the Edge of the Soil.
Nelson, Cooper  September SeventeenthAs Bridges BurnAbove City StreetsKissing FrogsI've Walked a Thousand Days
Nelson, Eric — He's a Nice Old Man
Neu, Dusty4 Poems
Nguyen, VilaskaThe Wake
Nicholas, JoeI walk into the light with my head in my hands
Niculescu, DragoşThe season of the stone.
Niditch, B.Z.DIMENSIONS, followed by 5 others
Niekum, Scott“I imagined flying through the cosmos...”
Noah, Stanley M“A Lost Man of Days and Weather”Writing with cold coffee, bourbon & cigarettes.
Nodopaka, Alex  “S & M”
Nokes, MakenzieTo Myself on the First Time.
nuh, meryem2 Poems

O'ConnellKayla  Free Will • Tall Tales • Subway Stop

O'Shaughnessy, Mike3 Poems
O'Sullivan, J.A.  An Officer and Some Gentlemen
Offland, TomTwo Channel
Ogurek, Douglas J.The LGB at the Terrat City Zoo
Onzik, Erich  Dutch in Prison
Oriogun, RomeoWolf.

Ozment, CharlotteCaveman Theatre.2 Poems

Pagan, Michael J.  He lends her his comb • AND THE PLACE WAS • YOU'RE AN ODD DUCK
Pambo, LazolaArt Under Terror.
Pangle-Merriweather, JonellWoman-Child, Empty Your Bag! Make Me So Small.
Parrish, Anne LeighWhat Nell Dreamsowner’s manual.
Parsons, DanielFraming the dream.
Pasmanick, Kelley AScar Tissue
Pearce, JaredHuman Endeavor.
Pearse, Fiona  "My Couch Says"
Peeples, Desmond P.The Death of the Heirloom
Perchik, Simon2 Poems
Perez, Alexander4 Poems
Perry, Alix2 Poems
Pete, Joseph S.Hot Chow.
Petersén, JosefineMust clean poop off panties
Phillips, Adam3 Poems
Phillips, Jared“Comedy of Err”
Phillips, Simon  The Appointment
Phoenix, MaxineHarvest.
Phung, Van  I'm a Good Girl
Piatt, James G.The End of Winter.
Pickering, Dustin2 Poems
Pickles, Rebecca2 Poems
Piekarski, ThomasConfessions of a Rock Icon & some other stuffOnce Upon a Daisy Chain.
Pinkerton, SimonVolunteering
Pistelli, JohnTerminal Girls
Plant, Susan“The Conqueror Undone By a Tongue”Somewhat Forbidden Transitions.
Plowes, Winston10 Ways to Trap...
Pollack, FrederickDeprived Whisper.
Porter, Russ  Lifetime Credit • The Joke • Battleground
Poturica, VincentI Dream of Michael Jackson
Prichard, Troy  I Like Tuesdays • Visitation • Both Behind and Beyond the Door • The Craft of Pen and Paper • Our Heroes

Privateer, Ann3 Poems6 Poems
Profera, AlexSpam Filler Content-Narrative
Pytell, Carson3 Poems

Rader, BenPicked Me a Plum
Raia, Chris  Birthday Tree • Nagelvoort
Randall, NeilThe Lobster
Rankine, Marion The painting had lain forgotten in a cupboard for years.
Rash Guzman, Dena  I Dream In Italics, Eat In Mandarin and Order In English At the Noodle Shop Password
Ray, RobinLepidoptera.
Raydo, Klet’s talk about it in the morning
Redelfs, Liana  Yes, Actually, the Dog Does Talk
Reich, Joseph D.“Misses Chow”
Reiche, Arianna Self-Transcendence For Bahraini TeensSelf-Transcendence For Bahraini Teens
Reiff, AE OoksMFA PupPotem
Reverb, Julie  Pound It
Rey, JuanitaA Churchwoman.This Morning Kiss.
Reyna, Gilbert  __________
Reynolds, JosephThe opportune beauty of dramatic departures.
Ricciardi, Harryi still write love poems
Riekki, RonA Microcompendium
Riley, ErinThe moments in which I love you are too numerous but here are some of them.
Ripley, AbbyIn a Montana Hayfield One Summer.
Robbins, DougUniverse of ThoughtThe Lively Corpse
Robbins, KeithPlainsong.
Roberts, NathanChapter II
Roby, W.F.
  Prose Poem. What's a Prose Poem? Kate Ellenberger Drinking Warm Beer By Herself.Houston Experiment #3. and something elseHouston Experiment #4.That's not me in your picture, there, Jerry.A MicrocompendiumThe Theory of Wisdom Teeth
Rogers, Steven J.2 Poems
Romeo, NickUntimed.
Rose, Emalisadrunks on the party boat.
Roseberry, CuriChess Mansion
Ross, StuartHomie and the Wolf
Roth, Sy The moon’s light slinks away into its hidey hole.
Rowan, Matt Christmas This YearThe Humanitree
Rowe, SamPencils
Russo, MarkThe Family Cemetery
Ruthenberg, David J.  Pink Blur • Dark Maize
Ryan, Danielnot necessarily a poem about starbucks.

Sabath Rosenthal, Ruth2 PoemsGrandfather.
SadriguezLosing a Little Bit of LossDaggerfaced LunaticThe Sometimes People ShowWeirdo Row
Saeidnia, SoodabehOh I forgot your name (آه من نامت را فراموش کردم)
Samsom, Emmanuel AbdalmasihA Microcompendium
Sanderson, JordanTransfusion.
Salvucci, JeremyThe Puzzle
Sandvik, M.Wednesday, Ten Something
Santosuosso, JeffFriday Night.
Saramandi, ArielThe Part-Time Healer
Sarkar, AninditaCounting the Sheep.A White Egret.
Sarkar, Partha2 PoemsThe obsessive-compulsive disorders.
Sarnat, Gerard2 Poems
Savage, Ceri3 Poems
Schleicher, MaxBats.
Schouela, JessicaOnline ItchMy Pussycat’s Murderer
Schubbe, Brandt“Ballgame Jesus”
Schumacher, Tim  The Love Swarm
Scott, MichaelThe porous buoy.
Scott-Jackson, PrewittDeath Bed Blanket Tent.
Sendi, GregThe Peshaman Fragments
Serafimova, MargaritaSONGS
Sethi, Sanjeev3 Poems
Sevitt, RachaelCrystals.
Shabkhez, Hibah2 Poems
Shedrach, Ugwu ErochukwuLife In Abakpa*
Shils, Phil3 Poems
Shockey, Joshua  In My Own Words
Shuaib, Rabiu MuhammadFuskan Annuri.
Silva, Kim3 Poems
Simard, Jean Paul  Funky Robots! (based on a suggestion by...)
Simmonds Medina, C. Denise“My Darling's Candy Kiss”Evidence of Your Yuung Ones
Simmons, Mary3 Poems
Singer, Dr. Roger G.Sun Passage.
Singh, MedhaThe Same Fire
Sitoski, Richard-YvesI Am not Lonely.
Slonaker, Adrian2 Poems
Smeak, DylanCurrent
Smith, Ian CAnother Cat Poem.
Snelson, StuartFreeze Frame Ophelia
Sobol, Adrian Dear America
Solis, SydneyEven Samurais Write Poetry
Sommerville, KevinTimelapse of ultraviolet images of Sun.
Sorensen, DavidWhite Knight, God of Dreams
Sorrel, FinE m 1 7.
Sparber, MaxFight.
Spinner, Cheryl  Gagworthy • "The Art of Preservation" • "Stoned Pigeons""The Puddle Shrine" • "Orson, La Di Dah" • "What a Spectacle" • "It's Electric"א , ב , ג , ד, ﬣ“Geronimo”“The Cat Song”2 Poems“Gilda the Cat”ו ,ז ,ח
Springer, CharlesDay at the BeachThree
Spurlock, SamKierkegaard Responds to the ClassifiedsCommunity Supported AgricultureSpinoza, My Uber Driver.A Microcompendium
Stafford, Charles L. Progress, Not PerfectionChickens and That Human Condition
Stahler, MayaMy Blue Velvet (1986).My Big Pig Fantasy.2 Poems
Stamps, LauraStoplight
Stanier, Will4 Poems
Stanton, Wilbert  Until the End of the World • Methodical Madness
Steiner, Adam  Triptych
Steinzor, Isaac  Scallops
Stephen, BijanSuckin' down a pop
Stephens, Ronnie K.Ashes to Ashes.
Stevens, Mark C.On a lake of glass.
Steward, RobertThe Cheese
Stewart, Jeremy“When Hamburger Speaks” / Notebook Refigurer
Stokes, Daniel P.Feigning Sleep.
Storey, PeterToo Far Gone
Strachan, Julian  One
Stusser, AnnaThree by Anna Stusser
Sullivan, JohnCrow Medicine.
Sun, Angela2 Poems
Sundby, Kyle — Incident Recap, in Detached Report
Susi, DanielleNotes from R3-C4: 'The Chicken House'
Supriye, SushantHindi Poems
sutra, w vbuyers market.
Sverlow, NathanielRemember Me.
Swann, Philip  Be, Baby

Sweeney, NickThe Escape
Sweeney, Patrice  Feast for Two
Sweet, Johnthe golden dog.

Tabaka, Ann ChristineLearning to Climb the Mountain.
Taiye, Ojo2 Poems
Tate, DizzMarket ResearchLooks More Like a Fire Extinguisher to Me
Taub, Matthew Keepin' 'em Down (September 1996)
Taylor, ChuckWe Know Not What We Do
Terry, GeorginaA Still Life
Tidd, Morghenstaying season.
Tigre, Tony Longshanks Le  Leather and Feathers • Hate Speech & Glitter
Tolls, Todd  The Things from Somewhere Else...
Toomey, Melanie  Sailon

Translateur, StevenGrab Bag Mug
Tripathy, Debasis2 Poems
Trivett, Alyssa3 Poems
Tumminaro, AmandaBroken Air ConditionerFiddlesticks!
Turits, Meredith Delicacies
Turner, AshSticky Territory.
Turner, ChaseOn Teal Walls.
Twerski, AlmaThe Station Mistress

Ukah, Jonathan ChibuikeA Market Conversation.

Vadi, JoséCarlos
Vaive, Derek  The Void
Valentine, M.J.The Red CatThe Daydream Real Estate Scandal
Valle, Mary  Screen Time • Movies in the BasementClean Towel

Valliappan, RekhaRosewood
van Dijk, IanLandfill
Van Hoose, Eric  Landscaping with David
Vance, Carter2 Poems
Varghese, DavisIn good faith, my good fate
Visconti, Jason 5 Poems 2 Poems
Vittitow, DominicPurposefully.

W, Kaitlyn  "Daughter"
W, S.Nostalgia.2 Poems
Wade, TomTrash
Walford, Philip  The Many Worlds Theory
Walker, AidanPeel.
Walsh, AislingNothing Ever Burns Down By Itself
Walton, Elizabeth  A Service AnnouncementWhat it is to know.
Warburton, N. AneiraThe Holy Roller: Pontiff of the Reprobate Mind
Ward, Caleb Andrew  Right Away, Great Captain! • BrisanceesculentIntroduction to GodSomewhere His Brushstrokes StrikeThe Death of God.
Wells, EmmaCanvas.Empress.Ellis Bell
Wennerberg, Alextrick room.
Westra, BerendsjeGhost ChildI Could Have Saved John Denver
Wheeler, AlexanderRaspberry Vodka
Wheeler, Sara Louise2 Poems
Whelan, David Curate's Egg
Whitelock, Aliall the offal love.a poem walks into a bar.
Wiezorek, JanTwo Tasty Dishes
Wiley, MelissaWhip the Bones
Williams, EricSamizdat
Williamson III, Dr. ErnestThe Underside of the Writer's Eye, Danielle's Denial, Rant of an Old Wiccan Lady and Around the Bay Window & In the Chair
Wilson, B.J.Love Song.
Winn, Howard2 Poems
Wood, HamishreincarnationMENE MENE TEKEL PARSIN
Woodring, ConnieDeath Is Not the End of This
Woodward, BrentonFurious and Implacable Judgment
Woolery, Clayton  “Unrestricted Headspace”
Mite (Destructions).
Woormfryes, Oliver Innocence Found •  Amnesiac Dink
Wren, MylesBest Laid Plans
Wright, M.Primordial Drink.
Wyman, DavidThe Happiest of Beings. 3 Poems

Yates, Lauren4 PoemsHometown Glory.
Ybañez, RexPensive.
Young, MarkA line from Jane Fonda.2 Poems
Young, SVagabond
Yu, JoannDeep to Deep
Yuan, ChangmingEnglish Idiom Reinvented (2).

Zarandi, OliverThree Problems in the City
Holly  A Cheating Heart

Ziegler, Jennie B.The Many-Eyed Giant
Ziler, EmilyStealing Peonies.
Znaidi, AliA Dolphin Scene
Zola, JimThe Apomorphy Poet.
Zorko, Greg 4 Poems