Sep 8, 2013The Devil's Mask by Khanh Ha — Confessions of a Rock Icon & some other stuff by Thomas Piekarski — “A Lost Man of Days and Weather” by Stanley M Noah — Wedding vows. & a few more by Anthony Arnott

  Sep 22, 2013Two Channel by Tom Offland — ADORATIONs No. 172 & 174 by Darren C. Demaree — We’re here (humanity in general / you and I in particular). by J.R. Mellin — Houston Experiment #3. and something else by W.F. Roby

  Oct 6, 2013The Red Cat by M.J. Valentine — The Swimming Pool by Shaunagh Jones — Clean Towel by Mary Valle — Mwena-Mweni (Awino's Monologue) by Nick Mwaluko

  Oct 20, 2013Everybody out of the Laundromat, I need to think! by Phil G Glenn — At this point even we're not sure. –Sincerely, MGMT by Matthew Harris — Spice Rhymes. by Lee Abramson — The Hole by Andrew Harrell — “thoughts sitting at a grandfather's workbench” by Michael Patrick McSweeney

  Nov 3, 2013Burbank Academy 1960 by Jamal Lee — I Don't Let It Bother Me by Jason Lucarelli — THE SUDDEN POPULARITY OF OBSCURITY by Colin James — The Change Jar by Laura McPhee-Browne

  Nov 17, 2013The Essayist by Thomas Mundt — There Was No Normandy by Cassandra Moss — Dialogue from That Blessed Year and An Inheritance, A Chance by Colin Dodds — Homie and the Wolf by Stuart Ross

  Dec 1, 2013Shaving Fate by Liz Betz — The Debtor by Kase Johnstun — dig / dennis cooper, sunday school teacher, ca. 2001 by Eric Eich — AND PAST THE EARTH IS ANOTHER + Sounding Out / Inventing by Connor Fisher

  Dec 15, 2013Last Call for Buzz Nettle by Chris McCartney — The Lobster by Neil Randall — reincarnation by Hamish Wood — The Humanitree by Matt Rowan

  Dec 29, 2013Indoor Thunder + Gargoyle on the Toilet by Julienne Grey — FROM “A MISCELLANY OF DIVERSE THINGS” by Philip Kobylarz — SW19 by Michael Naghten Shanks — MFA PupPotem by AE Reiff

  Jan 12, 2014Carlos by José Vadi — WALKING ACROSS THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE by John Grey — Ars Poetica by Howie Good — Questions #8 by Kendall Defoe

  Jan 26, 2014minding the shop. / two more by Phil Shils — Chapter II by Nathan Roberts — A Dolphin Scene by Ali Znaidi — “I imagined flying through the cosmos...” by Scott Niekum

  Feb 9, 20141/30/14 - 1/31/14 by Lauren Moon — not necessarily a poem about starbucks. by Daniel Ryan — Bruegel, a song. by Bret Hamilton — Cut Grass in Snow. by Michael Lee Johnson

  Feb 23, 2014I Dream of Michael Jackson by Vincent Poturica — Grateful for the Distracting Noise by Ross Mudrick — Samizdat by Eric Williams — Chickens and That Human Condition by Charles L. Stafford — The Lively Corpse by Doug Robbins

  Mar 9, 2014Too Far Gone by Peter Storey — The Underside of the Writer's Eye, Danielle's Denial, Rant of an Old Wiccan Lady and Around the Bay Window & In the Chair by Dr. Ernest Williamson III — …3 poems. by Born Before — Brain Fair by A.J. Huffman — 1-9 by Tendai R. Mwanaka

  Mar 23, 2014Picked Me a Plum by Ben Rader — Three by Anna StusserDIMENSIONS followed by 5 others by B.Z. Niditch — Adefisayo D. Adeyeye is the author of Dear ReaderHi, Daddy by Shane Kowalski

  Apr 6, 2014let’s talk about it in the morning by K Raydo — I Can Only Burp If I Think About All the People Who Turn Me On by Shawn Berman — Transfusion. by Jordan Sanderson — I FELL IN LOVE WITH PHANTASMAGORIA by Dr. Mel Waldman

  Apr 20, 2014Alice by Melanie Browne — HOW THE DINOSAURS DIED by Alicia Jo Rabins — rickroll by Felix Culpa — “The Conqueror Undone By a Tongue” by Susan Plant — For the Best by Renee Fox

  May 4, 2014Billy Sees Red by H. D. Loughrey — Nominative Absolute. by Chris Campanioni — “Misses Chow” by Joseph D. Reich — Carnival Pigeons. by Craig Kurtz — Guilt Trip by rl goldberg

  May 18, 2014Raspberry Vodka by Alexander Wheeler — Seeking Mr. Anon and It’s Always Raining Somewhere by Andy L. Kubai — FIVE POEMS from Adam DeutschHindi Poems of Sushant Supriye

  Jun 1, 2014Terminal Girls by John Pistelli — Even Samurais Write Poetry by Sydney Solis — A Debatable Necessity by Bob Carlton

  Jun 15, 20143 Poems by Dawn Corrigan — THE STYLE SECTION COURTESY OF THE NEW YORK TIMES and 1 more by Howard Winn — “Ballgame Jesus” Brandt Schubbe — On Teal Walls. by Chase Turner — Mudita Off the Dharma Seat +another by Gerard Sarnat — The Whore Woken Upon the Cross of Death by Roman James Hoffman

  Jun 29, 2014The Station Mistress by Alma Twerski — The Shoebox by Alice Furse — Pensive. by Rex Ybañez — I walk into the light with my head in my hands by Joe Nicholas — About an Artist by Mark Magoon

  Jul 13, 2014The Holy Roller: Pontiff of the Reprobate Mind by N. Aneira Warburton — “The calculations thus far made have been the closest approximations possible from the data known, yet there is a chance that the final result may be inaccurate” ...and another one by Jason Dean Arnold — Market Rate and Siri, Where are the Snows of Yesteryear? by Gregory Crosby — CONTINUOUS AMBIGUITIES by Richard Kostelanetz — Vacation. by Jenn Blair — The John Berryman & Hart Crane Dreams / Ode to Harry Langdon by Doug Draime

  Jul 27, 2014Spam Filler Content-Narrative from editors' inboxes — Three Problems in the City by Oliver Zarandi — Two Poems by Amy Carlberg — Three by Ashlie Allen

  Aug 12, 2014Delayed Inverted Vertical Suplex to Facebreaker Knee Smash by editors — Sunbather by Aje Björkman — The Market Stalls & others in a similar vein by Christopher Barnes — “My Darling's Candy Kiss” by C. Denise Simmonds Medina

  Aug 31, 2014Sunspots on a Calendar Week by Anthony Martin — Broken Air Conditioner by Amanda Tumminaro — Houston Experiment #4. by W.F. Roby — The Death of God. by Caleb Andrew Ward

  Sep 14, 2014Flammable by Lilly Lin — Shush #4 & #6 by Sarah Edwards — Two Poems by Abraheem Dittu — “untitled” by Sean Schemelia

  Sep 28, 2014The Death of the Heirloom by Desmond P. Peeples — “Comedy of Err” by Jared Phillips — Iconoclasm of Modern Funeral Vignettes by Steven Earnshaw — Steersmen. by Keiran Goddard

  Oct 12, 2014Lobelia cardinalis. by Karissa Knox Sorrell — “Deli” by Zac Galinkin — poetry submission (2) by Holly Day — “Gilda the Cat” by Cheryl Spinner

  Oct 26, 2014Timelapse of ultraviolet images of Sun. by Kevin Sommerville — morphnacular xii.: Lacanian mutatis mutantis. by Joe Milford

  Nov 12, 2014Online Itch by Jessica Schouela — The Wake by Vilaska Nguyen — Yet-To Yielding. by Dorian Bell — Pencils by Sam Rowe

  Nov 26, 2014Handling Knives While Naked by Brian S. Corbett — PIZZA FUnCK by Alexander Jones — Max & the Infernal Orchestra of Buzzings by Cody John Laplante — The yule log is playing on the television by Allison Guitard

  Dec 8, 2014“Canine” by Nathan Blan — Wednesday, Ten Something by M. Sandvik — Excerpt from Diary of a Convalescent by Michael Brandonisio — Lee Sharks: Contributor Bio by Jack Feist — Purposefully. by Dominic Vittitow

  Dec 24, 2014The Wraithwood Ritual by Paul Edward Costa — Eaten By Wolves by Holly Grace — Shadow Dancer by Janetta R. Lower — “...you don't tug on Superman's cape / you don't spit into the wind...” by Floyd Longworth — Your Penis by Clare Bowden

  Jan 11, 2015Like Birds by Elise Johansen — The Puzzle by Jeremy Salvucci — On a lake of glass. by Mark C. Stevens — The Recollection by Gissel Estelle Gutierrez — English Idiom Reinvented (2). by Yuan Changming

  Jan 28, 2015un- by Charles Neadom — Two Poems by Emma HeldmanVolunteering by Simon Pinkerton — Hot Pocket by Simeon Ben

  Feb 16, 2015Freeze Frame Ophelia by Stuart Snelson — As I arrived outside of hospital doors, body still tender and eyes still closed. My hands clenched and my mouth toothless. by Derwin Allen — I went to the head doctor by Nick Garrison

  Mar 8, 2015The Riddle by Dan Morey — “When Hamburger Speaks” & Notebook Refigurer by Jeremy Stewart — The Lovely Machine. by GJ Hart — Mike O'Shaughnessy's THREE POEMS

  Mar 24, 2015Theatrics. + 3 more by Lauren Yates — “The Spider & I for Breakfast” by Azia DuPont — 3 Poems by Sara Iacovelli

  Apr 20, 2015White Knight, God of Dreams by David Sorensen — Dreams by Lefty Lin — Nor’Easter by Brian Alvarado — Stilton’s Crossroads by Robert McGough — SUNDAY AFTERNOON by Megan Kellerman .....and then there's another one called PLUMAGE — 3 poems by Jeremy Boyd, the first of which is called if you had to watch an hour and a half film about yourself passively dying what would you do the second the credits start to roll? — Pijush Kanti Deb's MAKE CHICKEN OR BE CHICKEN

  May 15, 2015A Brazilian Sugar Mill by Dominic Carew — Must clean poop off panties by Josefine Petersén — 4 Poems by Ryan Quinn Flanagan — At the Edge of the Soil. by Luis Neer

  Jun 19, 2015Scar Tissue by Kelley A Pasmanick — Censor Bars. by Glen Armstrong — Market Research by Dizz Tate — Stealing Peonies. by Emily Ziler — “Climbing the World’s Tallest Radio Tower” by Erich Brumback

  Jul 15, 2015Black Shrunken Blemish by Kyra Baldwin — “In the Boat” w/ another 3 by Russell Bennetts and Rauan Klassnik — On Chubby Animals. and 1 more by Tiegan Dakin — Horn of Plenty by Alison Rae Mauro

  Aug 8, 2015BODY POEM and STILL LIFE WITH FOAM & TESTES by Reba Beauchamp — The LGB at the Terrat City Zoo by Douglas J. Ogurek — “Slam the Door” by Fletch Fletcher — Johnny’s Vision Doesn’t Pay Rent by Russ Bickerstaff — Mite (Destructions). by Clayton Woolery — Untitled by Larry Block, circa 1968

  Aug 28, 2015“recycling bin, august 22nd, 2015” + 3 more by Charlotte Foreman — Adjacent Species Like You. by Jenson Leonard — Coast. and another, by Tim MacGabhann — falling to falling to fall on the floor by Whalen Brown — “New York Spell” by Gregg Dotoli

  Sep 20, 2015Not Sadness by Rachel Holmes — “not over it” by Rachel Charlene Lewis — Some poems derived from movies by Connor Goodwin — The Represent poem cycle by Dean Doneen — Section 1 by Jonilka — 2 cents gets a no brainer trim. by Nooks Krannie — OPTIONS including A RECKONING by Clyde L. Borg — Fab Four. by Wesley Cooke

  Oct 5, 2015Pen Pal by Ian Horner — Oh I forgot your name (آه من نامت را فراموش کردم) by Soodabeh Saeidnia — No more fibs by Blue G — HIM by Sumiko Chadwell — “Mother” by Lauren Keil — That's not me in your picture, there, Jerry. by W.F. Roby

  Oct 25, 2015Act 1 of “That Football Story, or: The Tragedy of Mack Bethlehem” by JD Mitchell — Kierkegaard Responds to the Classifieds by Sam Spurlock — Landfill by Ian van Dijk — Chess Mansion by Curi Roseberry — Dear Sweet Tooth, Let Me Fill You In by John Gorman

  Nov 11, 2015Bats. by Max Schleicher — Two Poems by Simon PerchikPSYCHIATRIC SYMBOLOGY + another by Jenna-Nichole Conrad — Peel. by Aidan Walker — Piss-Diddle & THREE more by JD DeHart — Now That I Have Twitter Followers by Kastalia Medrano — The Daydream Real Estate Scandal by M.J. Valentine

  Dec 6, 2015Best Laid Plans by Myles Wren — Four Poems by Sonnet Mondal“The Season of Disquieting Peace” by Sarah Kersey — trick room. by Alex Wennerberg — Jane by Mathew C. Easterwood

  Jan 3, 2016The Toothbrush Vanguard by John Gabriel Adkins — Madonna of the Rocks. and 1 more by Dustin Pickering — The Other Bombs by R.S.W. de Mox — The Seeds by Zacc Dukowitz — Writing with cold coffee, bourbon & cigarettes. by Stanley M Noah — Once Upon a Daisy Chain. by Thomas Piekarski — MENE MENE TEKEL PARSIN by Hamish Wood

  Jan 24, 2016Kate Carsella's Statler & Waldorf Poetry CyclePeriodic Table. by Colin McGuire — FILMOVANA REALITY/REALITY FILMED by Sabahudin Hadžialic — Cialis. by Stephen Bett

  Feb 16, 2016Looks More Like a Fire Extinguisher to Me by Dizz Tate — all seasons at once & one more by meryem nuh — Infrastructure Gaps. (& Cherry Red.) by Carter Vance — EPISTOOLATE by To Be Continued — My Pussycat’s Murderer by Jessica Schouela — Renee Fox's We took off to the great heights

  Mar 7, 2016Sapiens: In the Midst by Rick Ewing — The Fix: Professional Wrestling’s Current Moment by Kate Carsella — Snow, Lightly Falling by Darrin Doyle — Ashes to Ashes. by Ronnie K. Stephens — The Long Run. by Michael Chin

  Mar 28, 20162 Poems By Grahame Hinton-BarberSummer Day. by G. Louis Heath — Last Will and Testament. & 2 more, by BC Griffith — Current by Dylan Smeak

  April 24, 2016Whip the Bones by Melissa Wiley — The porous buoy. by Michael Scott — Masked Lapwing. (+2 = 3) animal poems by Ion Corcos — Somewhat Forbidden Transitions. by Susan Plant — Michael Hrejsa'a 3 Poems — Jenn Blair's Consider the Earth

  May 16, 2016I Ate. by John McKernan — On the arm of the elm. And [ONE MORE], by Carla-Rosa Manfredino — CRAZY MIND by Tbone — PART TWO AND CURRENT IN KENTUCKY/PART ONE AND MY PASSED IN OHIO by Jean Ann Owens — hummingbird. & Le Tit. by Lars Lando — After the Storm by Jason Martin

  Jun 7, 2016The Manor by Ammanford Art — Pointing by Jenna-Nichole Conrad — Don’t Feed the Animals by Jean-Paul L. Garnier — Wolf. by Romeo Oriogun — Gaps. by Jessica Daugherty — frog song. & two short ones, by Adam Phillips — Don’t Eat the Phone that Plays Music. / and Hair Baby. by Steven J. Rogers — The Dream by Norbert Kovacs

  Jul 6, 2016Mongoose by Rohit Chakraborty — Amidst the Thunder, a poem, and four poems, by Chance Dibben — two poems by Ashlie Allen, the first of which concerns... Grief and cigarsSanjeev Sethi's poems three, of which the first is: Happenstance.Night in Lagos. by Ojo Taiye, but first... A Sad Sun.The Park. by Justin Davis

  Aug 7, 2016But you can see me under this green mesh by Renée Francoeur — 2 Poems by Jennifer Anne Champion — DAWN poetry cycle by Dr. Kapardeli Eftichia — Hope Jar. +1 further, by Lana Bella — Blood Cacti. by Heath Brougher

  Sep 28, 2016Sea Breach by Jonathan Durie — Louie Crew Clay's Poetry CycleThe season of the stone. by Dragoş Niculescu — MY TRUTH & others, by Edward Lee — with by Heller Levinson — Community Supported Agriculture by Sam Spurlock

  Oct 23, 2016this chain that quickens into its continuing. by Bridget Boylan — William C. Blome's 3 exceptional poemsA Clerical Poetry Biptych by Joan McNerney — Harry Ricciardi's i still write love poemsThe Figure 3. by Michael Paul Hogan

  Dec 8, 2016When We Were Seahorses by Aoibheann McCann — Beside a Mother’s Death Bed. ( & Lullaby. ) by Michael H. Brownstein — Fata Morgana. by Neil Ellman — Plainsong. by Keith Robbins — George K. Karos' Diaspora in Channels of Life

  Dec 27, 2016Insomniac by Tim Frank — actinic ray. by Tanner Menard — Pitchspoon. by Rose Knapp — The Moon. by Natalie Crick — On brand. by Gary W Hartley — No Man An Island Is, Or Something. by Philip Elliott

  Jan 26, 2017Subfornical Organ by Rubino del Sur — On a Bustling New York City Street. & Coming in Second. by Ruth Sabath Rosenthal — Primordial Drink. by M. Wright — The End of Winter. by James G. Piatt — THE LOANSHARK and the LOAN RANGER. by TJ DiFrancesco

  Feb 18, 2017Rock N Roll Universe by Philip Loyd — What Nell Dreams by Anne Leigh Parrish — Who Needs Tinder When You Have a Muslim Registry? by Momtaza Mehri — Sticky Territory. by Ash Turner — Crow Medicine. by John Sullivan — The 'Shard' cycle by Katherine Givens

  Mar 19, 2017The Part-Time Healer by Ariel Saramandi — Death Bed Blanket Tent. by Prewitt Scott-Jackson — Kristy Gherlone's The Rain MakerLived a Barbet. by Hussain Ahmed — God Bless Us, Everyone by David S. Atkinson — Two Tasty Dishes by Jan Wiezorek

  Apr 18, 2017Cat 1 by E J Harris — Yoga for Neocons. by Ian Kappos — Never Running by Anonymous — because sometimes, the voice of chance the rapper becomes a warm blanket. by Ayokunle Falomo — To Myself on the First Time by Makenzie Nokes — Through a Long and Sleepless Night by Adam Farrer

  May 21, 2017Killing Lizards by Ian McNab — Slow Clap. by Katie Lewington — The Hours Flower. by Gavi Kutliroff — The Apomorphy Poet. by Jim Zola — Untimed. by Nick Romeo — Evidence of Your Yuung Ones by C. Denise Simmonds Medina — Spur on between 4:15pm-5:00pm by Sarah Edwards

  Jul 8, 2017Basement Heart by Nova Fowl — The Republic of Cliffony by Trevor Conway — Art under Terror. by Lazola Pambo — 3 Prose Poems by Howie Good

  Aug 08, 2017doors without doorways. by Michael Kaplan — Hug God by Connie Bedgood — Joseph S. Pete's Hot Chow.Does God Really Open a Window? by Amy Carlberg — Fiddlesticks! by Amanda Tumminaro — A line from Jane Fonda by Mark Young — An offering on the altar of commerce. by Sam Bloom

  Oct 3, 2017John's Bride by Alice Ash — Caveman Theatre. by Charlotte Ozment — Caroling Fair Damsel. by Eterigho Oghenekome Humphrey — Ghost Child by Berendsje Westra — Midnight yearning. by Ankita Anand

  Nov 7, 2017Another Cat Poem. by Ian C Smith — Memories of when you (my brother) were 6 and I was 8 by Caitlin Farrugia — The Channel U Poems by Jessie Janeshek — Permanent Brightness. by Bhupender K Bhardwaj

  Dec 17, 2017The Ring by Kate Jayroe — Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Thoughts  The Living Room  Spilling Words by Alyssa Trivett — Casimir Pulaski Day in Chicago by Adrian Slonaker—but not before Adrian Slonaker's. . . . .i.e. and e.g.Cheating. by James Croal Jackson

  Feb 8, 2018Goat Mathematics. by Nick Alti — Inside the Next Day by Shannon Lewis — Hillbilly Heroin. by Ryan Quinn Flanagan — The Edge of Daylight by Patrick Brennan

  Apr 1, 2018Life In Abakpa* by Ugwu Erochukwu Shedrach — Cloud III. by Karina Bush — The rollercoaster. by DS Maolalai — Human Endeavor. by Jared Pearce — Hometown Glory. by Lauren Yates — Allison Guitard's Your eyes peered from behind the changing colors of the leavescertain visible emotions. by Mark Young, but first baseball cadavers.

  May 28, 2018Are Ghosts Real or Do They Just Send Signals? by Liam Bishop — [Portrait of a black man] by Gabrielle Lawrence — Tango. by Cindy Lynn Brown — the golden dog. by John Sweet — Remember Me. by Nathaniel Sverlow

  Jul 8, 2018Grab Bag Mug by Steven Translateur — The Infant in the Rushes. by Alex Ledford — Antecedents and Accidents by M.A. Banash — REPORT BACK by Megan Kellerman — Framing the dream. by Daniel Parsons

  Aug 24, 2018The black cherry tree. and 3 more, shorter, by Anastasia Cojocaru — Day at the Beach by Charles Springer — Firefly. by Lauren Keil — Carla-Rosa Manfredino's... On the pier.In the Gaze of Quasimodo. by Alan Britt — E m 1 7. by Fin Sorrel — California I'd Bless Every Part. by Reba Beauchamp

  Oct 14, 2018Axe Oil. by Jennifer Anne Champion — #93 (A selection from "homeopathy for the singularity") by Joe Milazzo — I used to be afraid of who you think I am. by Jessica Daugherty — Fight. by Max Sparber — The Happiest of Beings. by David Wyman

  Dec 16, 2018Secrets in the Poison by Kat Devitt — Woodland Hall, Autumn 1981 by Mark Benedict — all the offal love. by Ali Whitelock — Hike. by J. W. Burns — Motionless Life. by Dr. Kapardeli Eftichia

  Feb 6, 2019A Still Life by Georgina Terry — SONGS by Margarita Serafimova — Did you like it? or (Gravity, space-time, and a water bottle drying) by Anthony AW — the distillation of duality. by Selina Mahmood — The Same Fire by Medha Singh — Trash by Tom Wade — The Bedroom with Shakespeare's Backs. by Viktoriya Banul

  Apr 13, 2019The Escape by Nick Sweeney — Air-Raid. by Sally Michaelson — A Service Industrial Poetry Biptych by Joan McNerney — Deprived Whisper. by Frederick Pollack — today. by Bridget Boylan — Kissing Nothing. by Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal — The Cheese by Robert Steward — Wok Pak Archillect by Rose Knapp

  Jun 25, 2019 — Estelle Birdy's The ArchivistInsupportable Haughtiness in Countenance. by Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah — Looming in Their Futures by Adam Giles — Lepidoptera. by Robin Ray — Living the Sims Dream by Caitlin Farrugia — A Question of Circumstances by Kim Farleigh — 2 by Cameron Morse

  Sep 9, 2019A Churchwoman. by Juanita Rey — Poem Written After Reading a Nicolas Cage Interview. by Colin James — memory palace. by Joey Lew — Whys. by Lukpata Lomba Joseph — Alexander Guzman a poem by Joseph Buehler, but first Cowboy PoetryChildhood Poems of Gale Acuff

  Dec 14, 2019Ghost Writer. But first, Snow Flurries. by Hibah Shabkhez — patron saint of lost bagels by Michael Chang — Doll, Woman. & Night. by Natalie Crick — A Bourbon King. by Ann Privateer, preceded by The Bathrobe. and followed by Change the Perception.We Know Not What We Do by Chuck Taylor — Rosewood by Rekha Valliappan — Formic Jazz by Emanuel Magno

  Jan 10, 20202 Short Fictions of Mbizo Chirasha, of which the first is titled Letter to GodGrandfather. by Ruth Sabath Rosenthal — Love Song. by B.J. Wilson — Death Is Not the End of This by Connie Woodring — Friday Night. by Jeff Santosuosso — An Elegy for the Gopalpur Beach. by Pitambar Naik — Asymmetrical dreams. & 2 more, by Margot DeSalvo

  Feb 11, 2020Vagabond by S Young — Walk with me through continuum. & 1 more by Charlotte Ozment — No Bones/No Beach ( 'n' Gift Horse/Snow/You Come and Go ) by Jessie Janeshek — breaching. by Ayaan Elokobi — Cascading Light and Sexual Eternity by Cameron Dusting

  Mar 15, 2020I Know Why I Suck. by John C. Krieg — A Love Letter to Andre Lancaster from Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko — All You Can Eat Buffet of Poisoned Fish Eggs. by j/j hastain & Juliet Cook and Sideshow. by Juliet Cookbetter safe than sorry. & Souvenir. by Cindy Lynn Brown — A Word Portrait of Gertrude Stein in the Style of Gertrude Stein’s Word Portraits by Randal Eldon Greene — A Christmas song located somewhere in South India. by Ajay Kumar — the monster. by Stephen House — Spinoza, My Uber Driver. by Sam Spurlock

  May 9, 2020What Kind of Man by Clare Healy — Bell Girl. | Milky Teeth. | The Other Side of the Road. | & Ruins. by Elinor Clark — Nostalgia. by S.W. — Ides, Winds & Airs. by Carson Pytell — Brainard Bullion by Mark Blickley — Some Several Poems by Alex Ledford — Drizzi-cholic Night. by Omar Almasri

  Jul 22, 2020Laughter Club. and Taste Disorder. by Debasis Tripathy — Ali Whitelock's a poem walks into a bar.Dwelling Places, Memory: Lost and Find. and Between. by Alan Cohen — when i first learned the brain is mostly fat. by Selina Mahmood + foundationalism.The Weight of a Corn Soup. by Yi Jung Chen, but first Number Calling Machine.Counting the Sheep. by Anindita Sarkar — Dinner Dance. & Busy. by Sally Michaelson — Brigadier Robert D’Alby (a sweaty tale of irresistible desire within remote salty environs) by E F Hay — Birch by Andrew Jason Jacono — 10 Ways to Trap... by Winston Plowes

  Sep 26, 2020Woman-Child, Empty Your Bag! by Jonell Pangle-Merriweather — The moments in which I love you are too numerous but here are some of them. by Erin Riley — Mark’s Maladies by Eli S. Evans — You Are in the Dark by Rue Baldry — Bio-pic/Bare Life. by Josie/Jocelyn Deane — Fuskan Annuri. by Rabiu Muhammad Shuaib — The Me of Me. by Joey Lew — This Morning Kiss. by Juanita Rey — I Am not Lonely. by Richard-Yves Sitoski